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Best deep sea fishing trip in years off the coast of Fort Lauderdale

By February 11, 2014Fort Lauderdale Fishing

WOW and WOW again could not believe we were fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale today!!             (A MUST READ)

Today Don from Minnesota and Mark from Devon England spend the day fishing with us off the coast of fort Lauderdale that’s right Fort Lauderdale and fishing was as good as it gets here.

We started out trolling and had not 1 but 2 white marlin pop up on our baits at the same time.

We managed to catch 1 out of the 2 fish at first we thought they were sailfish but as we were fighting this fish we noticed it was jumping and doing kart wheels unlike a sailfish. Than as we got closer to the fish we noticed it had huge pick fins and we knew this was no sail.

WOW what a great way to start out the trip.

How the heck were we going g to top this??

I’ll tell you how!!

We went off shore trolling and seen some thing big floating and as we got closer we found it was a homemade Cuban raft!!

Thats no Cuban that our mate Andrew

Stand by because here come the fish!!

And I mean all kinds of fish from Mahi Mahi to Wahoo’s to tripletails.

That’s right we hit the mother load.

We ended up with 1 White Marlin, 6 Mahi Mahi, 1 tripletail and 12 that’s right 12 Wahoo’s.

Holy cow this one goes down in the books as one of the great fishing trips off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

Mark and Don what can I say I guess every dog has his day!! Pretty work.

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Happy 2024!!


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