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April Fools day once again a nice fish off Fort Lauderdale

Today we fished with Kart from Minnesota, Steve from New York, Stu and Jay from Florida.

We started out getting some live baits from the live bait boat and headed right out to 150 feet of water and set out 2 kites with 2 live baits suspended from each kite.

Ok now the trap was set and the wait began.

All of a sudden we seen this BIG fin headed right for our left long kite bait. We had no idea what king of fish this was but after taking the bait for about 7 to 10 seconds we tightened up the drag and came tight. All of a sudden this mako shark way over 500 pounds came skyrocketing out of the water and we were Hooked Up. As we started to clear the other lines we seen a sailfish eating the other bait and holy cow we now had a Mako shark and a sailfish on at the same time.

Moving fast we went to clear the other 2 lines left in the water when we seen this monster 40 pound Mahia Mahia eating the other bait. Now we had 3 of our angers fighting big fish at the same time and our 4th angler was getting the last bait out of the way when BAM this 45-pound Wahoo jumped on his line. This was simply unbelievable 4 anglers all fighting different fish at the same time.

At first we got the big Mahia in the boat than the Wahoo came aboard.

Now it was time to get this monster sailfish aboard and like clock work in he came.

Now last but not least this 500 pound plus Mako. We got a tail rope around him and slowly started pulling him aboard but we did did not notice was that we had brought too much weight aboard and before we knew what was going on we were sinking.

I just had enough time to call the Coast Guard and by the time they got to us we all had our life jackets on and the boat was going down fast.

As the Coast Guard helicopter dropped it’s life saving sling to us. We sent the Mako shark up first followed by the sail, Wahoo and the Big Mahi Mahi. Ok now that the fish were safely aboard the chopper it was time for us to get aboard but once we started loading aboard the chopper it was over loaded and just like that the chopper was in the water so we called for an aircraft carrier to help us out.

( Are you starting to see where I’m going with this fish story on April the 1st??)

Well maybe we did not get this Mako ob this Waho or even the Mahi Mahia but we did catch a monster sailfish.

Thanks to all my readers out there and Happy April Fools day.


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Happy 2024!!


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