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A quick note from the Captain

By January 31, 2014Fort Lauderdale Fishing

A quick note from the editor/Captain/Owner Captain Taco

First I would like to thank al of the anglers that have chartered the Hooked Up over the years and made it possible for me to make a living doing what I love to do.

I know that for that I am a very lucky man.

This past January I have told many of our regulars costumers and also many knew ones how January is one of our best months for sail fishing here off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. I know that some of my Regulars and some of our newer customers have come out fishing looking for these sailfish that I have told everyone about.

I really don’t know why but it has been a very slow sailfish bite this January in fact fishing has been very slow this January.

If you read and see the pictures in my blogs from Januarys in the past you can see how it was last year and the year before.

But all the same I just want to say sorry about the fishing this Jan but the good news is they have to come through so we are looking forward to the bite turning on and day now.

Thanks again to all of our anglers.

Captain Taco