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A nice Dolphin loses to Ravens Fans

By October 5, 2013Fort Lauderdale Fishing

This morning we started out fishing with 3 guys but sorry to say we never did get their names.

However we did catch them 12 big bonitos along with a couple kingfish.

As we got back to the dock we loaded up Karen, Debbie, Sue, Johnny and Nadine all from Baltimore and we know that because all they talked about is how the Ravens were going to beat the Dolphins!! (#%#&$*And they did) (LOL)

All the same they really wanted to catch and kill a dolphin (aka Mahi Mahia) Not Flipper!!

So off shore we went and I’ve got to take a second to say that when we go off shore looking for these Mahi fish we usually end up a hero or a zero.

Well today was some where in the middle because while we never did find a school of them they did mange to catch one real nice one.

Thanks again to our new friends from Baltimore it was a blast fishing with you guys.

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