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WOW what a great day of deep-sea fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale

We had David his son Alex and a close family friend Peter all 3 residents of Fort Lauderdale.


Today I had my old friend Captain Mike running the boat while yours truly worked the cockpit.

We headed straight off shore in search of some Mahi Mahi.

As Mike slowed the boat down I sent out the baits and we started trolling at about 8 knots.


After a few minutes of trolling Alex looked at me and told me that last time he fished with us it was with my son Lou and he said something about he told my son he would love to catch a sailfish.

Then he said it only took a few min after asking for a sail that he was fight and caught a sailfish.

So I looked at Alex and reminded him that he had yet to ask for any kind of fish today.


So he did he asked for a Mahi and with in minutes BAM we were connected with a Mahi Mahia.

So we all started laughing hey maybe this Alex kid has something going on here!

After a few more minutes of trolling Captain Mike got a bite on the high line witch was up on the fly bridge with him.

As he handed the rod down he warned hold on tight this fish was pulling line out fast.

Ok so now we were connected with something that had some weight behind it.

Peter got in the chair and the back and forth battle was on.

Now bare in mind Captain Mike and I are both veterans at this fishing thing off the coast of fort Lauderdale and 9 out of 10 times we can tell you what you’ve got on before we even see the fish BUT this time we just were not sure.

The fish never jumped so we figured not a Mahi Mahi and as hard as this fish was pulling we figured must be a nice tuna??


So as the fish got closer to the boat I had my gaff out and ready to struck this fish when all of a sudden I got a glimpse of the fish down deep and I seen it had strips.

So I thought Wahoo but this was a good 7 foot long fish and I told Mike that the second I struck this thing get down here and give me a hand getting her in the boat@%#%&*%

Than all of a sudden the fish turned and popped his head up it was a sailfish holly cow I thought it was going to be some monster Wahoo but hell yes a sailfish was just as great of a catch.

After a couple quick photos we set him free to fight again another day.


After some high fiving and some high fiving and hand shaking

After a good 45 min Mike asked me to change our deep bait witch we were trolling on a planner to this bait that Mike had come up with and he said this was his favorite Wahoo bait.

So I did that I looked at David and I said if we catch a Wahoo on this bait I would never hear the end of it.

Having said that once again Alex asked for a fish and this time he wanted a Wahoo.

I could not believe it when that same rod bent over and yep a Wahoo was there and a Mahia at the same time.

I was speechless!!#%#%*^*


After get both fish in the box we figured we must havwe trolled by something floating and after doubling back sure enough we seen a couple lobster floats with a piece of wood mixed in them and we ended up with another Wahoo and a few more Mahi Mahi.

At the end of the day we had caught 7 Mahia 1 sailfish 2 Wahoo’s and a black fin tuna.

WOW thanks again to David Alex and Peter for fishing with us aboard the Hooked up.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344