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Kingfish, Bonitos and a Hammerhead shark off the coast of South florida

By September 13, 2013Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Today we had a ball fishing with Greg from South Florida, Dan from C.T., and Kyle from parts unknown.

We started out trolling the reef with planner boards running deep and 3 baits skipping across the surface. And once again it was the planner boards that paid off for with 2 king fish and 7 bonitos on the planners and 4 bonitos on the surface baits.

Ok now that the skunk was out of the box it was TIME TO TRY FOR A BIG FISH.

So in came the trolling gear and out went the shark baits. It did take some patience but at last the deep shark bait got hit and we were Hooked Up.

25 min later up popped this 75-inch hammerhead shark.

Guy’s thanks again we really enjoyed fishing with you.

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