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1 Fish makes the trip

By January 29, 2014Fort Lauderdale Fishing

Today we fished with Rick from South Carolina, Bob from North Carolina, Mark from Delray Beach Florida and Jonathan from Hallandale Florida.

We started out trolling with 2 planner boards running about 45 feet deep and 3 ballyhoo baits skipping across the surface.

All at once we had a sailfish behind one of our surface baits and as we were trying to hook him when a second sail popped up! The first sail took a couple shots at our bait and BAM we were Hooked Up.

The second sail also took a couple shots but RATS could not get him hooked.

After a good 20 min back and forth tug a war we finally got him to the boat.

WOW what a great way to start out this fishing trip.

BUT much to our disappointment that was the last bite we had this afternoon.

Guy’s great start but sorry about the slow ending.

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