Fishing with our new friends from Pennsylvania

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Today we Fished with a family that I just gotten back from a cruise. All of their cruise arrangements got rearranged due to the storm.They were unable to get a flight back to Pennsylvania this morning so what better to do than to go fishing aboard the hooked up off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

So we set out fishing with Greg and his wife Erin along with your son Adam and their two daughters Emily and Lettie.

We started out trolling the reef with two planer boards running about 45 feet deep and three bates skipping a cross the surface. Trolling the reef was slow today however we did manage to catch a Bonita in a couple of barracudas one of them a real nice big 42 incher.

OK enough trolling for now we went to Plan B and started fishing deep or a wreck and it turned out wreck fishing was pretty good today.We caught a box full of great eating snappers and lost two real big groupers. 

Guys thanks again for fishing with us aboard the hooked up off the coast of Fort Lauderdale.

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